Keep up with changes in consumer expectations because customer data can be turned into a sales powerhouse.

When you understand the difference between a small annoyance and a big problem that puts consumer satisfaction and sales at risk, the types of interactions that evoke unbridled joy and improve customer engagement and spending can be recognized and repeated. With customized interactions guided by a full understanding of your customers and their shopping journeys, attract, retain, and delight customers.

Enabling you to tailor experiences with in-depth customer understanding
Access customer feedback from every channel to understand their sentiment
Actionable, real-time
Diagnose the root cause so you can reduce future churn
Segment, filter, and export your data
Analyzing unseen patterns in customer behavior


Feedgage collects brand, resource, score and SKU feedback from customers about your products from many e-commerce sites with a few clicks. Feedgage lets you gain useful insights into your own goods, competitors, and the industry. Feedgage gathers customer feedback via multiple channels. Integrate your website comments, social media comments, and other platform comments.


Analyze the feedback the moment it drops the platform. Ready to use templates provide a playground to explore data, visualization, and drill down specific items instantly (by applying filters and calculations) without having to edit the existing charts.

Take Actions with Instant Notifications

All the collected feedback is notified instantly to the relevant customer experience team to report data graphs and can follow by assigning priority customer insights among the groups. These customizable notifications such as negative feedback or detractors can help data-driven actions to solve pain points or increase sales.

A tool you don't know yet why you need it.

Turn your customer data into a sales powerhouse.