Our artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions help you to track your customers digitally and help you to give strategic decisions about them.

You can also discover the emotions of your customers about the developments in the market, accelerate your business processes, provide efficiency in report generation and process management.

Developed for success

Continuous Analysis
Grouping similar news
Making data-driven decisions
in your business processes.
Scan and collect all
publicly digital data
Real time alerting on
emerging issues
Track customer behaviour in real-time

Combine content into a structured repository

Feedgage offers you all digital channels and websites required for Financial Intelligence Analysis in one single platform. You can analyze the content of websites, social media content, blog, forum, categorize instantly, and integrate your business process.

Omni-channel Digital Media Analysis

News and reviews about your customers are collected instantly and presented to you in a way you can easily monitor their presence in digital world.

Named Entity Recognition

Feedgage automatically analyzes in documents subjects, principles, and ideas to identify and summarize useful pieces of knowledge. This helps to extract assets in your documents for person, institutions, organization, or relationships. With an easy-to-use interface, you can access detailed information.

Make sense of textual data with AI-powered machine learning

You can use one of the ready-made artificial intelligence models or create your own model according to your company dynamics. Thanks to the feedback given by the operations team, you can learn to identify the relationships in the artificial intelligence reports and understand which parts of the reports are the most relevant, and finally, you can create reports in natural language with the company's structures.

Extract the important content out of similar news

Feedgage instantly categorizes data by analyzing company data, news, social media, blog, and forums. Thanks to the dynamic similarity algorithm developed in-house, increased the efficiency of the analysis process by grouping similar news.

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