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When you visit a restaurant and order your menu, you want to find comfort, pace and consistency. Customers expect the right level of service. Every customer experience is a brick on the way of acquiring new customers. In today's world, customers prefer the place that they get the best service. Before making their choices, they want to review different customer experiences through online review sites. Therefore, it is very important for your business to be on the top of customer service and experience to increase your customer base and revenue. Feedgage is the most powerful tool that can help you to understand your customers better and find out the required actions to make them happy.

Increase your revenue with customer revisits
Access all online reviews and feedback from different channels in one place.
Find out how your customers really feel and start bonding with them
Monitor threats that you didn’t even know existed and expand your loyal customer base
Track your local competitors and build your winning strategy
Discover the trends on your industry with market research and act accordingly

Actively track your reviews from one place

Just one-time integration! Feedgage’s AI-powered integration sources automatically gather all your feedback, online reviews and customer surveys in one location and enable you to identify and evaluate customer expectations, insights, needs and approaches. This helps you to consider the end-to-end customer experience and take decisive action.

Keep and increase your loyal guests

As a business owner, you need to understand in what ways and how consumer preferences are changing. The global energy forces brands to dramatically reconsider their businesses through less casual catering, modern special cuisines, and diets, cooking lighter, and more elegant. Feedgage categorizes and extracts relevant topics from the online customer reviews about your business, products and market. With Feedgage, you can analyze customer feedback and sentiments in real-time with the power of artificial intelligence and get notifications about your restaurant, service, and industry trends. So, it helps you identify negative reviews and take necessary actions accordingly to keep your customers loyal & happy.

Reduce customer complaints and increase customer satisfaction

It is not always enough to measure just the customer ratings on a platform. Businesses also need to consider how their customers feel about their services to promote long-term loyalty. Feedgage’s AI-powered models help you to increase your understanding of what customers really want and what improvements are needed. With Feedgage, you can instantly listen to what customers are saying about their experiences about your business on customer review platforms, social media and online forums. Our AI-powered sector-focused models categorize, extract relevant topics from online customer reviews and present you the whole picture in a very simple way to get you take actions.

Address customer concerns and increase loyalty with happy guests

Was it too spicy? Was it overcooked? Problems and negative interactions are instantly analyzed through Feedgage to alert you take fast and efficient actions. can be taken to improve processes or actions. Go ahead and diagnose the root cause of these issues before they turn into crisis.

The Story of Cronut

Cronut is a Turkish restaurant who follows the philosophy of creating the best desserts by using the best ingredients.

The owner of famous regional restaurant Cronut, wanted to reach a larger customer base to increase his reputation ofddsdasd the best desserts. He took the first step to asnwer the questions about how to attract more customers to his restaurant.

Cronut team wanted a platform to interpret what Cronut's clients were saying about them. So, they started to search the most reliable and easy to use customer feedback analytics tool with strong text analysis capabilities.
The user-friendly interface and the ability to access customer reviews with a few clicks were their top priority.

The Cronut team knew that, customers prefer to visit restaurants after reading reviews on online feedback/review platforms. Instead of directly communicating, customers easily express their likes/dislikes and their experience on these platforms. Thanks to the customized integrations, they could access all reviews from different channels in one place.

"By using Feedgage's AI-powered feedback analytics tool, we could easily understand the customer feedback and turn these insights into valuable actions." "Cronut Team"

By analyzing customer feedback in Feedgage, he could see all the problems and took care of them with great attention. Feedgage performed this process automatically and in real-time.

By clicking a single button, Feedgage provides multilingual customer feedback analysis. Apart from that, Feedgage gives the ability to track categories and topics such as "packaging, service, quality of ingredients

Thanks to Feedgage, Cronut team could transform the analyses into actions and the restaurant got more reputation, attracted more guests and increased revenue.

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