Create unforgettable moments! Feedgage helps
hoteliers to see all customer feedback about their service and improve guest satisfaction which lead repetitive visits and loyal customers.

Get a full summary of your guest trip and hear how your guest feels about what part of their customer experience in their own words. Our AI-powered models analyze instantly comments, web reviews, and free text polls. Drill to identify unique problem areas at each site. Make superior experiences for guests and keep them visiting. Feedgage helps hoteliers to analyze the digital guest journey.

Reveal actionable insights with AI

Feedgage collects all your customer feedback from all digital sources

Discover what impacts your NPS and customer satisfaction scores

Use Feedgage as your customer experience expert

Find key customer insights

Drive powerful customer services to increase satisfaction and customer spending

Find out which key topics ensure growth and cause customer churn

Identify problems until they are viral in various places.

Collect customer feedback from digital sources

Discover your place in the competition and strategize your priorities

Feedgage empowers your position on the competition with market research analysis

Root-cause analysis and sentiment analysis will help you to get deeper meaning of feedback

Rich and unified customer interaction experience

Customer experience signals across any channel and combines experience data with operational data to enable a holistic view of the customer and all interactions. Feedgage connects many sources and collects customer feedback in one place. With our simplified pre-built source integrations, Feedgage makes it simple to analyze and present the customer feedback from the most important sources. You can also develop your strategies thanks to market research analysis of Feedgage!

Get the best insights out of the visualized data

Explore the maximum value of data. Feedgage offers instant insight of customers' true feelings, compared to manual analyzes of customer feedback which takes hundreds of hours and delivers uniform results. Not only saves time but also helps you to focus on your daily work.

Reveal the deeper meaning of the reviews

Improve customer satisfaction through real-time insights. Get deeper insights of customers’ experience from their first stay to return visits, discover the pain points, and trigger real-time service recovery. Learn the trends on your sector and determine your priorities.

The story of Lokum Hotel

Lokum Hotel is a boutique family run business based on the south coast of Italy. Hotelier has always wanted to reach his ultimate goal of presenting a quality, pleasant and personalized service to meet high customer standards by offering a safe and convenient atmosphere. To do so, Hotelier wanted to:

Track and analyze each customer’s individual experience
See key moments and touchpoints throughout the customer journey
Increase the customer experience in the hotel with personalized experiences

After a quick research of an easy-to-use application that could gather feedback from travel agencies, websites, past reservations, and travel reviews, hotelier found Feedgage. Thanks to the tailored API and custom integration channels, hotelier’s workload considerably relieved. The hotelier used sentiment analysis to analyze the topics and insights that customers shared and appreciated such as housekeeping, variety of menu, front office services, etc... Now the hotelier can filter the topics without wasting hours and access the results instantly.

By listening to our customers’ feedback, we made some improvements in the areas of cleanliness, room quality, front desk services, and added more local dishes on the menu. "Owner of the Hotel"

Hotelier drilled down into feedback with text analytics to understand the deeper meanings of them inside the experience data. The personalized experiences in hotels resulted in customer loyalty, boosted sales and ready to pay customers for a better experience.

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