You can discover how users interact with
you about your brand, product or service, and how they feel about you.

You can see your development areas with the root cause analysis in the feedback you receive about your product, brand, or service, and you can see the orientation of your customer with sentiment analysis.

Collect Insightful

Feedgage's ready-to-use project templates and customizable widgets make it easy to automatically categorizes based on both topics and sentiment. Gain insights on your product, or a future product. Connect via an API to existing data sources and custom integrations.

Create Love Brand

Blend customer feedback in your product development process. Find insights about customers at the "moment of truth" in their customer journey. Be aware of product positioning.

Optimize Roadmap

Clarify and reshape core functions with insights to make your next product launch successful, take customer reviews at every point of your product lifecycle. Align product and R&D teams on customer priorities, app experience, and complaints handling.

A tool you don't know yet why you need it.

Track topics mentioned in your Google Play Store and Appstore reviews and get insights into topic trends and sentiment.