Feedgage lets you gain useful insights about your products, competitors and the industry by unifying all customer feedback sources in one platform. Our technology analyzes thousands of
online reviews and feedback
about your and competitors’
products in e-commerce sites.

If you need to strengthen your decisions with the best insights, the simplest yet the most comprehensive feedback platform Feedgage is here to help you. You can easily analyze what customers like or dislike about your products, discover what’s trending and arrange your collections based on feedback analysis.

Discover the trends and strategize your priorities
Access thousands of customer feedback from all e-commerce sites
Spot the instant changes about your products or the market and take your precautions
Stay relevant and strengthen your position by real time tracking
Diagnose the root cause to avoid unexpected churn
Automate the analyzes to uncover sentiment, trends, and key topics

AI powered powerful and strong analytics

Feedgage collects brand, product and score feedback from customers from all e-commerce sites. Feedgage lets you gain useful insights about your business/poducts, competitors and the industry. All the collected feedback are instantly notified to the relevant customer experience team to follow by assigning priority customer insights among the groups.

Powerful Real-time insight

Depending on the number of feedback and reviews, analyzing open texts can become overwhelming. Feedgage's ready to use project templates and customizable widgets present the information in real-time, enabling you to analyze your customer's insights to better understand their likes or dislikes by both topic and sentiment analyzes.

Monitor trends and take competitive advantage

You can easily find what makes competitors successful and build a customer-oriented business model. Analyzing the feedback as soon as it drops the platform can change everything in the competition. It gives you the opportunity to identify key topics that will boost your sales, improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn with root-cause analysis.

Get the power of artificial intelligence behind you.

Increase your NPS with the most powerful customer feedback analytics platform.