Healthy bowls, modern cuisines, zero waste, and much more… Know in depth what your guest think about every aspect of purchasing, using, and interacting with your goods and services in real-time.

Use our prebuilt solutions to analyze online reviews. With Feedgage, you can understand what works or does not work for and of your own brands and products, as well as for your competitors or market leaders.

Feedgage allows you:

Discover and prioritize issues related to customer adoption.
Improve your brand and give remarkable service
Find a clue on outstanding and repeated phrases in online reviews.
Uncover the impact of menu changes
Act on the feedback to make improvements to the overall dining experience
Integrate with relevant channels
in real time

Uncover Insights

Our AI-powered models scan and analyze thousands of data in the food category. Feedgage automatically extracts and analyzes customer opinion and extract related topics. You can find out what customers are thinking when you want to create a new menu or hidden opportunities.

Collect Data in One Place

Feedgage combines the largest data set in food intelligence with powerful machine learning algorithms to analyze feedback and provide valuable summaries. The data is converted quickly into easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that save you time by providing you with the insights you need.

Driving Instant Action

Feedgage analyzes customer feedback and sentiment in real-time with the power of artificial intelligence and allows you to get notifications about your restaurant, service, and industry trends. Helps you identify negative reviews and taking actions on them.

A tool you don't know yet why you need it.

Turn your customer data into a sales powerhouse.